About Us


Throughout their booking experience and appointment. We aim to help you feel comfortable and cared for. We hope to help alleviate any concern or fears that can sometimes come with these types of appointments. We are also committed to doing what we can to support you and your family throughout your experience, as we understand that your support system is important to you and your care. We will do what we can within our scope to guide you through your appointment. Rest assured that you are receiving quality diagnostic care.

To our STAFF:

At Cambridge Medical Imaging, we focus on team approach to patient care, work duties and support. We encourage our staff to move freely through the clinic and offer support and relief to their colleagues whenever possible and/or needed. We are committed to supporting a work family environment to our staff through their professional and personal journeys. Our team is our most valuable asset and we aim for them to feel as such.

To our Referring Physicians:

We seek to provide comfort in knowing that your patients’ care is in good hands. Comfort that we will provide optimal care and results for your referrals. We continue to offer on-going support and contact through or direct clinic, our patient portal and our technical support.

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